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Amikai Enterprise: Business application for translation of documents and emails.

Today, businesses need to function globally. However, translating and managing information across languages is inefficient and costly, resulting in lost knowledge and productivity. Employees often handle foreign language documents by:

Reading with limited bilingual skills; Asking colleagues for translations; Outsourcing translation; Skipping content altogether.

Amikai Enterprise overcomes these issues by providing a cost-effective solution to translate and comprehend large quantities of information instantly.

  • Eliminate delay — translation turnaround is immediate
  • Allow bilingual personnel to focus on core responsibilities rather than translation
  • Enable employees to access information that is too expensive to translate
  • Reduce the stress of dealing with information in a foreign language
  • Low total cost of ownership — no servers to maintain, easy administration, unlimited translation

Translation software does not always yield precise results but is an extremely useful tool for quickly understanding information in a foreign language. Not only can large volumes of content be translated instantly, but users can translate an unlimited amount of information without increasing costs.


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Increase your global intelligence and business productivity today with Amikai Enterprise!

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